Candle Magic with Spell Candles

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Spells Using Spell Candles


I have a confession to make: I love candles. And not just any candles. I’m talking about those that are hand-poured, made from the most premium waxes and scented with oils that transport me to another realm (or at least my living room). But did you know that these beautiful objects can be used for more than just burning? Yep! They can also be used for spell casting—and not just any old spell, but one that's been around for hundreds of years. So if you're looking for something different or new in your life, consider using a spell candle to make your dreams come true!

What are spell candles?

Spell candles are a type of magical tool that you can use to perform spells. They’re used for many different purposes, including attracting positive energy, banishing negative energy, or creating a positive space.

Spell candles are made with the intention of attracting or repelling specific energies. The magickal powers that come from these candles stem from their inherent properties (elements like fire and air). If you want your spell candle to work in an area where there are no elements present but still need something special for your purpose, then consider adding more elements into the mix (e.g., water). This will help strengthen whatever it is you're trying to accomplish!

When did use of spell candles begin?

Spell candles have been used for centuries, but the practice of using them is believed to have started during the Middle Ages.

In ancient Egypt, Greece and Rome, spell candles were burned at night to ward off evil spirits. During this time period (and continuing on through medieval times), people were more superstitious than they are today—so much so that they believed in things like witches and demons! As such, it was common practice for families to burn these types of incense sticks as protection against harmful forces.

During Victorian times (1837-1901), people began burning open flames indoors instead of candles because they weren't considered safe enough anymore due to potential fire hazards such as carbon monoxide poisoning or even explosions from improperly stored matches or lighters.*

Types of Spells used in candle magic

Candle magic is a form of witchcraft that uses candles to cast spells. The most common types of spells using candle magic are:

  • To attract love or money (usually done by placing a red candle in front of a mirror).
  • To remove negative energy from someone or something. For example, if you want to get rid of bad luck, place an unlit white candle in front of your bed at night before going to sleep. The next morning you should find yourself with good fortune instead!

Different Types of Love Spells

  • Spell candles for love.
  • Spell candles for romance.
  • Spell candles for infidelity.
  • Spell candles for marriage, divorce and attraction spells are also very effective in the case of broken marriages or relationships that have gone sour due to any reason(s). The person who is being harmed by this type of spell can use these spells to regain control over their lives again and get back on track before things get out of hand again!

Different Types of Money Spells

You can use spell candles to help you find money, make money and keep your money.

  • Find a lot of money: This spell candle will help you find any hidden treasure or gold that someone has lost. It's also useful for finding lost items because some people put their valuables in places where others might not think to look. If your friend has lost his wallet and it's been three days since he last used it, he won't be able to find it anywhere except through this type of spell work!
  • Make more money: If there are bills lying around unpaid (like student loans), place all the unpaid balances on an empty plate next to the candle and light them up with a match or lighter strike (to symbolize paying off debts). The energy coming from all those unpaid bills will attract good fortune into your life by forcing yourself into action towards getting ahead financially so that when the time comes for paying them off down the road - which could be anytime soon! - then do so quickly before interest starts accumulating again due!

Other spells you can try: Cord Cutting

For the cord cutting spell, you will need to be in a quiet place. Sit down with your candles and incense. Light all of them at once and burn them for about 10 minutes. Then put out the flame and repeat this process until there are no more flames coming from your candle sticks or censers (this can take a while).

Once you've finished burning all of your candles and censers, take each one separately and break off its tip so that it looks like an upside-down letter K (or whatever else symbolizes breaking off something). Put these pieces into a red envelope marked "Cord Cutting." Close up this envelope and place it on top of another one marked "Casting Off Evil Spirits." Finally, tie both envelopes together with string or twine—this will keep everything inside safe until you're ready to release the spell!

Spells using spell candles date back for hundreds of years and have been used by people around the world.

Spell candles are used for many different spells. They can be used to cast a love spell, money spell, protection spell or other types of spells. Spell candles have been around for hundreds of years and continue to be used today for their ability to help people achieve their goals!


There are many different types of spell candles and you can use them to cast a variety of spells. You can find them at any craft store or even online if you want something specific. They're easy to use and come in all different colors so you can mix them up depending on what type of magic you want done. The most important thing is that they're made from natural materials like beeswax so there's no chemicals involved!


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